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"When I first decided to become a personal trainer, it wasn't because I wanted to help people get the "best bodies". It was to help people regain their confidence and become aware of their full potential. I wanted to help them become their "fittest selves" Mind, Body and Spirit! I wanted to show them how hard they can push themselves, how dedicated they can be, how they can overcome anything and everything. All they need is someone in their corner to push and believe no matter how hard the hits of life may be." 




About Ashley

Ashley is originally from Michigan, but now resides in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Albion College with a B.A. in Biology with a pre-med concentration. Ashley originally wanted to be a pediatric surgeon because she loves kids and loves helping people. Instead, she found a different calling after she realized how much her very own personal trainer had changed her life. The change was not just physical, in fact, it was more mental than anything. she then decided to become a NASM Certified personal trainer and boxing trainer and decided to use her knowledge in a different way. From Her life experiences, AShley knew she could help people on another level. Of all ages. Of all Backgrounds. She wanted to share her story and show people they're not alone in this thing called life. Fitness is so far beyond the physicality of someone. It is just as much their mind and their spirit. you can't be healthy physically, if you're not healthy mentally. But it wasn't until her very own fitness journey that she realized this. 

For more information on the services I provide, please scroll down! Can't train with me in person? No worries! I offer online programming that include one on one FaceTime or Zoom sessions to help keep you accountable during your workout! Also, every workout I write is customized to help you reach your specific goals! 

Don't want the one on one time with me and just need some workouts? No problem! I can write you a weekly workout program (also customized to you and your goals!) These programs will include videos of exercises and cues on how to perform them!

For pricing on packages, please fill out the form on the contact page!

Services include:

one on one Personal Training

Small Group Training

Customized Online Training
Programs (Include Facetime/zoom sessions)

Customized workout programs (Workouts only)


Ashley Bassett is one of the best trainers I have ever had. She does an amazing job of tailoring workouts to her clients individual needs. She has brought out my strengths and has helped me strengthen my weaknesses. She is affordable and very accommodating with scheduling. Ashley always finds a way to make my day better, as well as my life overall. Not only is she an amazing trainer, but she is a wonderful light and joy. I highly recommended her to any and everyone.  

but she is a wonderful light and joy."

"Not only is she an amazing trainer,

Skye Hillman, Client for 4 years
Nashville, TN

Training with Ashley is one of the BEST experiences I’ve ever had! Not only is she unbelievably knowledgeable in different areas of fitness, but she brings the lightest kind of energy that makes the workout fly by and SO much fun!

"unbelievably knowledgeable in different areas of fitness"

Becca Mitchell
Group Fitness/fellow personal trainer

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