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Reboot By Ashley Bassett

What is REBOOT?

REBOOT By Ashley Is A 6-Week Program Designed To Help Empower and Teach Women To Reset Physically And Emotionally Through Movement And Mindset Guidance.

REBOOT Is A Workout/Wellness Program That Includes At-Home Boxing And Strength Workouts And Guided Mindset Coaching Sessions.

What We Offer

-At-Home Boxing Workouts (No Equipment Required)

-At-Home Strength Workouts (Minimal Equipment Required. Dumbbells Only)

-Guided Wellness/Mindset Coaching Sessions

REBOOT is for anyone who:

-Is seeking guidance with their health and wellness

-Has tried everything, but still feels lost

-Wants a community you can trust

-Struggles with more than just the physical aspect of their wellness

-Needs accountability

-Feels guilty or overwhelmed when making their health and wellness a priority

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